I was walking back from work and i had a long tiring day , i work at the office, my boss is always with me , he always want me to get work done by a day sometimes i even go home at midnights, but i was fine with it just stressful. One day i was just walking back after i was done with a pile of work , it was already 12 : 22 AM but i was used to walking back alone at this time. i was walking back and since it was so late no one was on the street . suddenly , a red car stopped by me and i just looked at it and thought of nothing , i continued walking and i felt something strange like a feeling of someone following me .. i looked back and saw the red car following me , i got scared but decided to go up to the car bravely , not so close , and asked whatever the driver wanted , when the window was down i saw a man looking at me , he looked attractive and he had a sweet voice and he said " Oh nothing just chilling in the car , sorry if it seems like im following u , just heading to somewhere, anyways bye have to go now.." i nodded and just left and i didnt find anything strange because he had such innocent looks , there was still a couple miles to reach my home and it was pitch dark , no street lights , no cars and no nearby shops but a lonely street. It suddenly turned cold , i put my hands in my pocket and walked , i felt something looking at me again, i turned to left and right and saw nothing and decided to keep walking, forgetting to look back , i was almost to my house and i accidentally dropped my keys and thats when i heard a sound that sounds like a car breaking suddenly , i didn't think much of it and just picked up the keys and went in. I was so tired that i didn't went for shower i just doze off to sleep on my bed , it was already 1AM when i got home . I woke up by the sounds of window tapping and i just remembered that i didnt close the blinds , i hoped it was just some animals or whatever , i checked the time and it was 3AM i remembered that i still have to get up at 7AM after a while so i tried sleeping but the window tapping sound came back , i got scared and annoyed , i just wanted to sleep. the tapping sound was continuing .. i spent the next 2 seconds or so frozen on my bed not sure what to do bizarrely trying to convince myself it was something , anything else but a person watching me and tapping on the window , forgot to mention , my back was to the window , so i couldn't see what it was or who it was.. i got really scared , again, not sure what to do so i just sat up slowly rubbing my eyes and pretend i was too groggy to hear the tapping sound , i slowly turn around and pretend i was just doing some excersise and thats when i saw the guy , it was the guy ive talked to in the car earlier the one in the red car , i slowly walked out of my room as though i was going to the bathroom , i quickly ran to dial the police and made sure he wasn't looking , i told the police my address and went to the only room that have lock on the door which is the bathroom located near my bed room so , i had to be extra careful not to make any noise.. i was walking to the bathroom to lock myself and making sure im safe because im not sure if the guy have any weapons on him , not long after i heard footsteps near the bathroom door , i was scared , i lean my body over the door to prevent it from opening , the guy said in a sweet voice " come out~~Ameliaaaa" i was scared and i screamed back " HOW DID U KNOW MY NAME WAS AMELIA AND HOW DID U GET IN ?" he said " Oh bec-" he got interrupted by the sound of the police siren and i got relieved, i heard him cursing and saying his life was over and so on , i heard the police entering my house and i heard the loud footsteps and all the commotion but i didnt come out , i heard them screaming and yelling at the man to put his hands up and get on the floor at that time i still didnt make any noise. I stood there leaning on my bathroom door ,praying that everything was okay. The commotion quieten down and a police woman knocked on the bathroom door after about ten minutes ,quietly telling me that it was safe to come out .I opened my door a few inches and peeked out still terrified, the police officers took alot of informations from me i told her everything i could remember about the tapping sound.. including the man from the red car earlier the police officer told me that they had arrested the man and he was outside and asked me if i know him by any chance like if he was my uncle or anything , i said " no just a man that i had a conversation with for at least 5 seconds" and they arrested him and took him in for questioning he went to jail for attempting robbery home invasion and stalking , turns out he first saw me on the first time i started working late which was 22nd of January 2013 and it was 12 June 2014 when it happened so he have been doing it for more than a year , he confessed that every single time i walked home alone even at evenings he would follow me around , he knew my work place and my address he even followed me to the library nearby that i went before work the other day , he never shared his plans or what he intended on doing with me , the police did not find any weapons on him which is so weird the police later told me however that he has a history of a mental disorder and schizophrenia he always had problems for not taking his medication and he have been arrested multiple times for having manic episodes so i guess he wanted to kidnap me .i dont know ..but the fact that he had no weapons on him is so weird to me. So thats my story thanks for reading , i moved out to a different and safer neighborhood and now theres no signs of him and i never saw him again.

Story is told by s_dev.il