Some of u might know Kuchisake-Onna. But, did u know my story?.. My parents and i thought it would be a good idea to go somewhere like a vacation. We chose Japan,The day we were there, we got a nice house. My parents were choosing a school for me. It was Yokosuka High School. On the first day we had an announcment,I really..didnt unsderstand what they said. When school was over i was walking home from school. I didnt have friends yet. All of a sudden a women came up to me. She asked "Am I Pretty?". I said "Ur very beautiful". She took off her white mask that she was wearing.When she took it off i was frightend to see what it seemed like, Her mouth was cut to her ears or something. She asked "Am I Pretty Now?",I felt like i wanted to throw things at her but it would be really rude. But i had to. Good thing that i was carrying some candy around.i through the candy at her. She got distracted for 1 minute or more. I ran as fast as i could..I told my family about. They said to stay away from that lady!. And i listened.... Make sure to stay safe when ur at Japan. It can be very dangerous. Till this day i cant get it off my mind... Walk home with a friend (Sorry if i mispelled something, i had to just tell the story since im not gonna keep it from everyone my whole life.)

Story is told by Skylie.R.UwU


I really enjoyed this story and even though everyone is mostly 100% scared of her I really wanted to be her friend but it won't ever happen anyways great story!