Some of u might know Kuchisake-Onna. But, did u know my story?.. My parents and i thought it would be a good idea to go somewhere like a vacation. We chose Japan,The day we were there, we got a nice house. My parents were choosing a school for me. It was Yokosuka High School. On the first day we had an announcment,I really..didnt unsderstand what they said. When school was over i was walking home from school. I didnt have friends yet. All of a sudden a women came up to me. She asked "Am I Pretty?". I said "Ur very beautiful". She took off her white mask that she was wearing.When she took it off i was frightend to see what it seemed like, Her mouth was cut to her ears or something. She asked "Am I Pretty Now?",I felt like i wanted to throw things at her but it would be really rude. But i had to. Good thing that i was carrying some candy around.i through the candy at her. She got distracted for 1 minute or more. I ran as fast as i could..I told my family about. They said to stay away from that lady!. And i listened.... Make sure to stay safe when ur at Japan. It can be very dangerous. Till this day i cant get it off my mind... Walk home with a friend (Sorry if i mispelled something, i had to just tell the story since im not gonna keep it from everyone my whole life.)

Story is told by Skylie.R.UwU


Great story and still scary after reading it like 3 times


I say GG to that!


I've heard many versions of this story. But I'd have to put a 10/10 for this. GG.

Cloud The Skywing

That photo is cringe

Gacha Scares

I had a dream she was my friend


I really enjoyed this story and even though everyone is mostly 100% scared of her I really wanted to be her friend but it won't ever happen anyways great story!