My dad spent all summer telling us that moving to a small town in Montana would be a great change for the family. It wasn't. We were run out of town in less than a day. The house wasn't much to look at, with one of the front windows boarded up. When my sister complained about that, our dad pointed out that the place was cheap for a reason. "It's not perfect, but we can turn this house into a home. You just have to trust me." That night, after we'd spent the last few hours bringing in boxes and unpacking our things, my dad told us to get some sleep. "Big day tomorrow," he promised. "Lots of work to do." But we didn't get any sleep. When I was still trying to get to sleep, something started scratching at my window. I assumed that it might be a tree branch or an animal, but when I got up to get a better look, I heard a voice from the window. "Ch-child," it said. "C-c-come out. Play w-with me. Hide and s-s-seek." Terrified, I ran out of my room and down the hall to what I thought was my parents' room. I opened the door and realized that it was my sister's bedroom. Her bed was empty. It came here first, I assumed. A shadow passed by the window. "Still hi-hiding, little girl?" it called it. "P-precious." It made a wet coughing sound... like strained laughter. My sister burst out from under her bed and ran past me, screaming. "B-b-bad h-hider. Found you." A clawed hand pressed against the window, and it began to crack. I almost jumped out of my skin as a hand grabbed my shoulder. "It's me," my dad whispered. "Stay quiet. We're gonna back out of the room, alright?" "But-" "Trust me." At a snail's pace, we slowly backed out of the bedroom while the cracks in the window began to spiderweb. "Slowly, now," my dad urged. After we passed through the doorway, my dad grabbed the doorknob and quietly pulled it shut. Before he let go of the knob, the glass shattered. My dad picked me up and ran. I dared to look back, but it wasn't chasing us. My dad ran straight outside. Before I could ask where my sister and mom were, I looked ahead and saw that they were already in the car. Later, my dad would admit that he used me as a distraction to make sure they'd be safe. We piled into the back of the car and my mom floored it. I dared to look back again and saw something standing in the doorway of our house. While my eyes were glued on it, the creature sprouted wings and flew into the air. I screamed, expecting it to follow us, but it didn't. As we drove away, the creature circled the house we left behind, a house we couldn't turn into a home. Because something else already lived there.

Story is told by FoggyGlassEye


WOW great story


Brilliant story

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Brilliant story