My Beloved mother was always very protective and very harsh on rules growing up. I always never thought I would be set free from her grasp. She always had this crazy look in her eyes whenever I simply asked her if I could just go outside to feel the nice cool breeze and the sofend thick grass between my toes. for only just on simple second. She would yell and scream on the top of her lungs. OH MY!! beloved child please stop perking me about such silly nonsense. I hung my head low and said yes mother. I had woken up in a cold sweat "huh "huh ~breathing heavy~ oh it was all just a night terror I thought to myself. The rest of the day went as pure usual and around 9:45 at night I came home from a long exhausting day from work. That very same night I had another horrible dream. It was me and my mother again she yelled very aggressively at me to come down stairs I ran leaving a trail of blood set behind me. "OH hello mother ...SIT! she screamed Oo..okay I was studded while holding back warm tears. Why child why don't you ever eat for mommy anymore... but I'm just not hungry momma I said nervously. Oh but you would have no choice but to love the dinner ive perpared for us tonight so now eat Damnit!!. But I" ....I SAID EAT!!! okay momma as I was forced stuffing my mouth almost glitching holding back my "Gags" trying my hardest not to puke. oh my beloved Child please stop perking me. I once again hung my head low and respond yes mother. I woken up again running down the hall toward the restroom. I uncontrollably puked still whipping Bial form my mouth I heard a Knock on the front door. coming! I respond I opened it up.I slowly looked up and down it was a man all dressed in black his face was covered with a long beard and to bushy eye brows. he said to me in a very low unsettling voice ARE LADY OF ANGLES he then left a unkown box behind. I swallowed a gulp in my throat and walk inside opening the box. huh? What the Hell!" I said. it was a picture of a woman and a new born. I threw it away. Noticing the time it was 9:45 again I've heading to bed and slowly closed my eyes. As I drifted to sleep I once again had another dream. This time it was a roar of loud sharp Thunder all the windows where Maded pitch black and their was this hallow light coming from my old kitchen. I heard a soft humming coming from the kitchen also.As I walk closer towards the soft voice it soon became a horrific scream! so close to a bloody murder Shriek a women behind brutality and slowly having a painful death. Then I notice that all that screaming and carrying on was coming from my actions. I was slicing my mother into pieces. It was me I was the one brutally murdering her. I then woke up again I must of had a epilepsy attack I felt my whole entire body shake with shivers I woken up in a hospital surrounded by doctors. Oh God" Everything was so damn bright. We have a response! said one of the Doctors she's okay. I'll leave you to it officer. I was a bit taken back and confused of why I'm here and why there is an officer. Uh Hello? I said. Hello you're name is Marry is that correct? ....uh yes sir it is. Okay now tell me something Marry and I want the honest truth you remember anything that had happened? No sir I don't honest. You're mother is dead you killed her. We had gotten a report that you stabbed her 12 Times. Also the call had told us about some horrific screams and when we entered the house the kitchen itself was covered in blood and pieces of you're mother. you mean to tell me you fainted threw it all. Oh"'! . No no I couldn't have NOOOO! please!! Have mercy I didn't you have to believe me I didn't kill her! ... Oh well unfortunate for you we have some more news You're going to be placed in a mental institution and their isn't a way out of this I'm sorry it's for the best. As I'm being slowly dragged away with the grasp of all arms holding me down for a severe needle entering my upper left arm a rawr of sharp pain sent threw my entire body. I just wanted to end the suffering. I thought Oh how could I have gone so mad.. So dam mad!! I killed my own beloved mother I hung my head one last time and said oh mother I'm so so sorry. It's been 13 years I'm now 55 sitting in this Damn chair watching my time give out slowly. I hear all same screams I hear on a daily basis the same from all these lunatics. Oh the voices in my head that is of course but nothing is to be the same as my mother's scream nothing at all.. The Doctor came up to me Hello Miss Mary I believe this box belongs to you a man in all black had sent it. So I opened it up to see what could possibly be inside. It was the picture from 13 years ago a mother and a child. I flipped it over toward the back side it said do you believe you're mother could ever reincarnat? this is are lady of Angels

Story is told by Miss Glory?


Need a little more punctuation, but overall, very depressing and in same time interesting with amazing atmosphere of mystery