This happened probably 15 or so years ago but it still freaks me out. I was on the phone with my girlfriend at the time. It was getting late, 1am or so. To set the scene this was when most internet connections were dial up and families had multiple lines. My ex's line was the computer and spare line. Her older brother worked nights and would routinely get on the computer when he got home but would always give us time to finish our phone call first. We had been talking for over 2 hours at this point when she said she heard the dog barking outside. Her brother had just gotten home. She figured we'd have maybe 10 minutes left or so before he asked if he could have the line. She heard him come upstairs to get clothes to shower. He was always a light walker. Sometimes you couldn't even hear him. 20 more minutes or so passed when my ex heard the dog barking very loudly and fiercly. This caught her attention and she said that was weird. She asked me to be quiet for a few seconds..... the stairs started to creek. She said, someone on the stairs. I heard the panic in her voice and said it's probably adam. No, she said. I never heard him go back down stairs. Just then she shut her door as quickly and quietly as she could. The line was silent. Then i heard a clunking noise. Then my ex whispered they're trying to open the door. I played it off as being her brother. No she said again, he would've knocked first. Just then the person at her door knocked. Then a pause and from down the hallway her brother adam yelled down the hall, "what do you want". My ex's hair stood up. It wasn't her brother or her parents... so who was it. The next morning my ex got up and went straight to her brother who said the noise at her door woke him up but he didn't see anyone. They both went to the laundry room window and it was open with dirty foot prints on their hamper. Someone broke into the house and knew exactly what room to go to. Everyone said it had to be someone we knew but looking at friends and people you know wondering who was at the door that night was haunting and very insettling.

Story is told by Randy

Queen Quacker

That is terrifying. Great work scaring me :')