This is a story about how I almost died. One day, as I was hiking through the woods, something caught the corner of my eye. I looked in that direction, and standing there was a tall, dark figure. I couldn't see it well because it was nighttime, so I brushed it off as an old homeless man. We arrived back at camp soon and went inside our cabin we rented. It was just me and two friends, so it wasnt crowded. We walked through the door and saw something that I will never forget. Written in black marker, and in crude handwriting, were the words 'No no no. Why is this happening. You need to run.' Me and my friends were utterly horrified. Usually we didnt believe in stuff like this, but we were already on edge from the night before. The night before, we had seen a tall dark shadow at my house. We didnt want to talk about it, but we believed that it followed us here. Little did we know, it was actually Slenderman. We tried our best to scrub it off the walls, so we didnt have to pay for it. No matter how hard we scrubbed, it would not come off. We left it there for the night and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to a smell so horrible, it could've been death itself. I sat up, and lying there on the floor, was one of my friends. He was dead. It was just me and my other friend. We'll call him X for privacy reasons. Me and X quickly ran out the door, knowing all too well our friend was gone. As soon as we turned the corner of the cabin, there he was. Slenderman. Staring right back at us. (Part 2 coming soon!)

Story is told by Skullkid07


(I know that this is a bad story. I was out of ideas and I was also very tired.)