Marionette was a lonely girl. Nobody wanted to hang out with her because she looked too much like a doll. One day while at school, she heard a banging sound on the classroom door. Since she was the only one in the room, she walked over to the door and peered out the window. Marionette was horrified by what she saw. There was blood everywhere, and a small doll with a note attached. The note said: "Marionette, Dear Marionette, you have been invited to participate in a local support group. Meet us by the playground at 3am. We hope to see you there!" Marionette was now terrified, all while questioning everything. Later that night, she snuck out her bedroom window, and went to her school's tiny playground. There was eerie music playing, and four kids in a circle. The thing was, they were all wearing masks and robes. Marionette walked over to them and the leader said, "Ah, so you decided to show up." She was now fully confused. There were strange symbols written in blood, and the moon was full. Marionette started to feel strange, but walked over and sat down anyways. She asked the leader what kind of support group this was. He said it wasn't a support group. Marionette felt weird. The men began chanting messages in a strange language that she didn't understand. She could pick out a few words, such as; Curse, doll, stuffing, and blood. Marionette felt the weird feeling again. Her face was twisting into a gruesome smile. She began to feel more doll-like each second. It was all over now. The men said: "Oh dear, it seems that hope isnt always around after all." The now stuffing-filled Marionette doll was put up on a shelf in an old abandoned building. She is still there today. No one has ever seen her and lived to tell the tale. The last words that the people who visit her hear before getting turned into a doll is "Hope Isn't Always around..."

Story is told by Skullkid07

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