"I DIDNT COLOR OR WHATEVER TO UR DOLLLLL!!!" My sis screamed with her eyes rolled. I looked at her and said calmly and sarcastically " Okay then, who did it?! If its not you could it be a ghost HUH?Ahh im so scaredd ghost in my house~~ " my sis said " What if the doll is a .. GHOST! " i stared at her with my arms crossed and rolling my eyes " Oh sister, dont be silly grow up please" i looked up and down on her and slammed the door . I thought of what she said and looked at the doll , i shook my head and said to myself " She is so silly joke around like this" i stared at the doll and hugged it and said to myself again " how can this cute thing be cursed" i laughed , i heard when i put the doll down gently and saw a smirk , i backed away and opened my door , i apologised to my sis(sorry i just realised i have spelt sister as sis sorry!) and told her that i was in the fault , my sis just turned away and walk away without accepting my apology , i got sad and just talked to my father about what happened , he nodded and checked on my doll and said confusedly " it's eyes arent red and the do is perfectly fine.. what did u mean? And you cant just blame your sister just because there isnt anyone else to blam-" i interrupted and said " WHO ELSE COULD IT BE AND PLUS I KNOW! I APOLOGISED" my dad nodded and said " Lets apologise to her again , I will be with you!" I asked him " But why was my doll eyes red?" he replied " it was probably just your vision " at that time i had forgotten about the doll smirking ata me , i just nodded and agreed with him . My father and i went up to my sister and apologized , she said ," Im sorry too." i nodded and shook her hand and smiled , my dad smiled at me and pat on my shoulder saying " Its settled now!" " Yeah i guess.." i said looking at my mum. My mum walked towards me and slapped me i was about to say "What was that for" but before i could my mum said " Good girl deserve a good pat" i looked at my mum in confused and she stared at me for what seems like 1837738282 seconds was about 2 seconds she walked away , went to the basement and my dad was just standing there like a statue while my sister smirked , i saw my mum walking down to the basement and ... ( Part 3 coming up sorry im badd at making up stories this doesnt even feel like crused object im sorry! but i dont want this story to be too long ! Updating u in another 24 hours! ) ( bad english lol.)

Story is told by s_dev.il