░░░░░ has requested to message you. ░░░░░: Emily Santangelo, living in apartment 2E of Grovewood Heights in Tacoma, Washington. It's vital that I speak to you. You have accepted the message. You: How the **** do you know where I live? ░░░░░: You told me. ░░░░░: Granted, you weren't meaning to, but here we are. You: What do you mean? I don't talk about where I live online. That's... like... rule number one. ░░░░░: On September 12th, you posted about it being a sunny day. On June 11th, you posted about a thunderstorm. On December 25th, you posted that it was snowing on Christmas. ░░░░░: There were only three places in the country where all three of those statements were true: western Washington, central Kansas, and northern Maine. ░░░░░: Given the times at which you post things, and when you mention being at work, it's simple to say you live in the Pacific Time Zone. So, western Washington. You: What the ****? ░░░░░: It was tricky to narrow it down beyond that point, but however careful you are about revealing your location, your friends are less so. Combing through your friends list it's easy to see that many of them live in Tacoma. Last week, one of them publicly posted about going to a bar with you. So that's your city. You: I could just be visiting. You don't know I live there. ░░░░░: True, that was a hunch. But it paid off when you posted a selfie from inside your apartment with the window in view. ░░░░░: Tacoma skyline. Clear as day. From there it was trivial to figure what area of Tacoma you lived in, and I called every apartment building in a five-block radius asking for you. Your landlord was kind enough to give me your exact address. You: What the **** do you want from me? ░░░░░: Look outside your window. You: Is that you? ░░░░░: It's... one of me. You: You ****ing freak, if you take one step closer I'll call 911. ░░░░░: Don't worry. We mean you no harm. ░░░░░: We just wanted to show you how easily someone else could track you down, if they wanted. ░░░░░: We've deleted the incriminating posts. Be more careful next time. ░░░░░: The next person may not be so merciful. ░░░░░ has disconnected.

Story is told by hthrflwrs

Its ya girl

This is actually very helpful and the no named guy was so nice to let her know to be more careful online with her posts so to me tgis is a 10/10 great work!