Hi I'm Kyde and I'm 17 years old and this is how I met Ben Drowned. The sun was shining on my face it was a nice day, my sister came outside to play with our dog. "Hey brother wanna play with our dog?". "Nah I'm fine" I said trying to catch some sleep. ? It was midnight when I decided to play "Majora's Mask" when suddenly "sploosh!" Link fell into the water and drowned it was my last heart so he died. "Aww man he's gone now I have to start all over again!". ? I went to take a nice long bath when I heard a small whisper "You shouldn't have done that" I turned around but no one was there, so I continued when suddenly I was pulled into the water drowning in the bath tub was not my plans of dying I mean come on who wants that written on there tombstone. Anyways I grab the mysterious man's arm and he vanished? I got out of the bath tub and dried myself. ? I went into bed with a small smile on my face, the fact that I almost died gave me the grin but is that a good thing or a bad idea. Ok so I'm planning on a part 2 bye I hoped you liked it

Story is told by Akira Johnson


I think that the original creepypasta was better ?


You met a kids game ?

Akira Johnson

Yes I'm making a 2nd part to this thers no way I'm leaving a cliffhanger