It happened 1 and half year back. I shifted to my grandmas city for Vetter chemistry tuitions cause i failed in my chemistry exam i was suppose to study the whole 1year syllabus again in 1 month. Fortunately my bf was from the same city. I started my classes i used to go tuition at 10am and 3pm and then on 7pm. I used to complete my classes at 8:30pm after which i went around the city to roam with my boyfriend. We both went out of the city enjoying the peace. There was a nice dam with beautiful hills surrounding it. At night we used to sit on the hill top and watch the stars and dam water. This place was 10 km from our city and 5km from its nearest village. Also cause it was dark and abandoned people found it quite creepy to visit at night. Few murders and suicides also took place. We were botherless to these things. One day when i came home back at night I met a prist who was talking to my grandmaa the moment he saw me he acted little shocked. He asked me where was i coming from i lied saying tuition. He told my grandmaa that their is somthing strange about me and he can feel a negative vibe around me. My grandmaa was worried she asked him for a solution and he told her he will spill some holywater on me and everthing will become alright. I took it as some stupid superstitious. But next day just after 9:45pm it was quite late i was returning on my scooty i had a huge accident on an empty road everyone was shocked. I already had 2 accidents in the same month which was also on empty road. This time i broke my three bones of leg one bone of hand and shoulder dislocation. My uncle took me back home from hospital at night almost 1:00 My grandmaa was ready with all the rituals. There were three prists sitting and waiting for me. They saw me gave me some stuff to eat did some prayings and told me nothing is gonna happen more. No more accidents. They told everything that there was a spirit sitting on my shoulder from past 21 days which was exact the time i started to hang around the hills. It was a spirit of a young male who got attached to me. He wanted me to stay with him always. That's y he tried to kill me take my soul out of the body and he could only do that when i was away from home and people. He tried but he was not powerful enough. The whole thing was told by prists. Surprisingly nobody knew i used to go hills except my bf. But these prist told everthing. They knew i went to dam everyday which made spirit attached to me. When everyone came to know about the spirit sitting on my shoulder they all freaked out. But things went normal after few days and the spirit went back according to prists. As a consequence i have never gone to that place again. But actually thinking of visiting some day with friends and hope this time nothing happens. Thank u

Story is told by Astha

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