If you live In Virginia you'll know this story but If you don't then I'm here to explain This mall used to be very popular until more and more malls got created this causing people to lose intrest,So about a year or 2 the mall was rotting so bad that everything was falling but hey who cares you came here for a story not mall shopping It is said that if you go there at Saturday night around 12 or 3 am one of the entrances will be opened as soon as you get in there'll be a old man sitting on a bench in front of you he has no eyes or mouth just black holes he will ask you a question about you're life,No matter how hard you try to respond you can't say "I don't know" But if you get it right he'll give you a box with a paper that would tell what would've happened if you chose a different option But if you get it wrong you're body will be found torn to pieces and a paper saying "He Lied"

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


I clicked on it cKhz i thought it said rotting mail. like the postman flipped off a gypsy. so a denon stuffed his body in an envelope and sent it to his boss.