"Named Scamp The Dog,Threw Into Ocean By Vlad And Drowning To Death By Vlad And Revenge,In Present Day And The Splashing Around And Roaring Like T-Rex And Team Pawsome Started To Fighting And Killed And Visited Haunted House And Walks And Stop And Is Sleeping And Kitty & Dudley Angry Try To Fighting And Killed And The Is Sleeping And Arrived At Haunted House And Walks And A Girl Named Beth (From The Banana Splits Movie)...Picks Up a Knife And Says..."Rune,Coming And Get You Fuzzy Son Of The ****.....Try Attacking Her But I Failed And Stabbed Times And Grabbed By His Neck And Says....F*** YOU! I'M A F****** DIRE WOLF! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STABBED ME?!....I'm Sorry!....Beth Was Gagging And Harley Arrived (From The Banana Splits Movie) And Says...MOM! And Threw Up a Shotgun And Picks Up And Puts On a Mouth And Says...HOP,LIKE A RABBIT...****! Shot And Killed And Falling Into An a Water And Splashing And The Drowing And The A Cat Named Darren Younes Was Sad And Says...Oh Hell Na!....Was Shocked And Jumpscare Like-Foxy And Static TV In Background Is Evil Never Dies......"

Story is told by Horror


All i know that happened is some things drowned and the Bannana Splitz movie was somehow involved. What is going on here?