So once when a small class in the tiny town of pagosa springs a group of 12 students and a teacher went on a 2 day backpacking trip, everything was awesome until that first night everyone settled around the fire played a few games and half of them went to bed the other half consisted of 2 girls 3 boys and the teacher now the others continued playing the around 10:30 at night the girls got tired and tryed to go lie down, everyone else kept playing, The girls point of View: As we were laying in bed we didn't think much about it I was sleeping having good dreams you know normal stuff and I know kind of picked up cuz I heard my friend you know as you would I open my eyes a little bit to see her bloody with drips coming off your face I didn't think much of it I was kind of freaking out I signed up I shook her awake she looked at me she screamed she told me that I had blood all over my face too we ran outside and told the boys but they just looked at as normally as if they didn't see what was going on with us we told them look at our face oh my God what's going on they said nothing just stared as if they had no idea what was going on if they were just thrown into the middle of the conversation they had no idea what we were talking about but we were panicking as if all of it was in our mind we had no idea what to do how to solve it even the teacher that was with us was kind of concerned about what to do we sat there stared the teacher told us to go wash your faces out in the river running over the Red River splashing water on her face we look back each other it was gone we kind of startled went back to our tent picked up our phone and looked at the time it was 4 in the morning or sore phone said we looked at the boys phones and ask them what time it was and if they knew what time it was all they said was it's only midnight they'd said okay well then if it's midnight we should probably get to bed we just sit there weary we were kind of upset we didn't know it was happening we looked at our date and times on her phone not able to do anything about it send it to midnight shut the phone off the second we turned it back on it said for again we set our phones down tried to get back to sleep we woke up in the morning looked outside it was Pitch Black look back at our phones still for look at everyone's tents they were disfigured broken bloody all their arms legs hanging off bone vividly showing everything was so disgusting and bloody we're to the point where we had a stabbing headache and we felt like we were going to throw up we screamed ran to the river hoping that nothing was bad that's when we turned looked at each other and only thing we saw was each other's disfigured floating disgusting faces that have been mutilated and it was so disgusting he passed out waking up the next morning and our tents to realize it was all a dream as we walk down by the river that morning and by the campfire we're having fun until one of the other students came over and pointed out something that made us feel so scared it was the most I've ever felt in my life they come over here and they say oh my God there's a pool of blood by this rock in the exact spot we remember sitting the very night before

Story is told by Jayton Mack