In 1800's, there was a small town in Maryland, named Reisterstown. In that town, there lived a woman named Malinda. The town's people claimed that she was a witch and wanted to harm the town. The Priest of the town declared to kill her and cut her in two pieces. She was hanged, before she was hanged through, she put a curse on Reisterstown and said if anybody ever visited her grave, her two pieces would crawl closer to each other until one day they would become a whole and then she would rise from the grave and unleash havoc on the Reisterstown as a payback for what they did to her. For assurance, the town people buried her upper half on one side of Reisterstown in a grave marked "UPPER MALINDA". The lower part of Malinda is unmarked and has not been found. No one knows where lower Malinda is expect for the person who buried her lower part. The upper Malinda is located in unused farmland in Reisterstown. This is a known Urban Legend of Maryland, the upper and lower Malinda.☠️

Story is told by Died A While Ago

Died A While Ago

On the left, (along a green building) about 500 fit after that, road will make sharp turn to the left at the narrow little bridge. Once over the bridge the will make narrow incline. Keep looking on the left you'll eventually see a drive way, which leads up a hill. At the entrance of the drive way, the lane is well manicured, you'll see the stone with the cruse word "Upper Malinda" sorry that I write the location in two different comments.

Died A While Ago

With the road you take, you will make a sharp left. You will come up to and pass a mushroom farm


Interesting, but too far from me ?

Died A While Ago

It's a true story and if you want to visit "Upper Malinda" comment below and I'll give you the exact location of her grave. Stay safe