All she did was argue and I had to do it I went to the kitchen knowing thay she'll follow me she was behind me I took the chance to stab her through her jaw her eyes wondering why did you do it,I then took another knive knives and stabbed her in her head seeing blood gurgl out here mouth was a splendid view her body dropped to the floor s sigh of relief came out of me I finally felt happy the **** was finally dead I dragged her body out the house with my t-shirt still dripping blood I ran back inside to grab and came back out and that's when I saw a figure in the shadows I brushed it off as an animal so I started digging that's when I heard whispers were coming from all over i just laughed and said "I don't go down easy" I went back inside and boarded up the Windows and doors I was waiting until midnight cause that's when they started hunting I grabbed a knife and stayed in my room till I heard a window break I knew one got in but it was to late it came from behind me so much for putting up a fight hehe

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Poor grammar, not enough information and kinda boring. Good idea, just needs some work! Thanks!