One day,a class was in session.After the first bell rang,the class ran out of the classroom and walked to breakfast.After breakfast,all the students' went back into their classroom.

Legends have it that 15 years ago a teacher was supposedly killed.Her spirit still to this day still roams the school.People said that they heard laughter in the girls' restroom and talking in the classrooms'.A girl asked to go to the restroom.The teacher said yes.So as she was walking down the hallway,she started notice,she was hearing laughter.I'm the hallway and in the empty classrooms.Along with the laughter,there was chatting (aka talking).There was even (that same teacher that died) yelling" VANESSA! that is UNACCEPTABLE! " go to the principal's office,now! "
all of a sudden,all the girl heard was footsteps loudly stomping all across the hall,along with laughter,and more talking.As the girl was walking into the girl's bathroom,she stopped dead in her traces.All she saw was a tall woman,about in her mind 20's,5'4,with long black hair that covers her full face.Her clothes is bloody.She wears long black sleeves and a teacher's outfit,long white jeans,and white shoes.The ghost said"Hello child,can you help me? " the girl ran out of the bathroom and screamed "AHHHH,THERE'S A GHOST!" she ran into the classroom and hid behind a desk.The other classmates' were confused to was of why she was screaming.She said"there the girl's bath...rom"she was absolutely freaking out.One of her classmates went to check it out and she,also,screamed too.So the whole class went to check it out.The boys' had to wait outside of the girl's bathroom's door.

Story is told by Leahbrown

Its me MG

Has potential

Its me MG



There is the first ever story I published online...hope you like it!