Hello new/old writer here. I used to write under the name of DerpMiku. I lost access to that account so here I am now writing as Vicx. Search up the old username if you'd like to read my old stories. This one is quite long. If you do choose to read it I hope you enjoy! I arouse from a nightmare. My room was pitch black. I stuck my arms out to feel my way around the room. Not being capable of seeing or feeling anything I start to panic. I yelled and yelled to no avail.The only thing I could hear was my panicked cries. I closed my eyes thinking this was a nightmare. I slowly opened them praying that I was in my bed with the warm rays of the sunlight entering my room through the window. My eyes fully opened I realized I was in my room. It was still night & I had never gotten up. I sighed in relief or at least I thought I sighed. I jerked to get up, but couldn't. I couldn't move my arms, my legs, my neck, or anything. Out of the corner of my eyes in the corner of my room a dark figure lingered. I could hear a faint noises coming form the figure. I scram " who the hell are you". In my mind I saw myself screaming so damn loud, but in reality all that came out was a weak wimper. The more I panicked the louder the the faint noises were becoming. They resembled laughter no no more like giggles. I laughed nervously dripping sweat everywhere. I had thought this was a joke made by my brother. In my mind I kept telling myself it's got to be my brother. I once again tried to speak "You got me bro let me go now". Once again there was no words coming out. I started to get even more uncomfortable. I tried to be cool, but I kept tried to scream for my mother. Anyone really to help me. As thoughts crossed my mind I had taken eyes of the figure. The figure seemed to be getting closer. There were no distinguishing features from the figure. No nose, no ears, no hair, & no mouth. The only thing I was certain it had was some holes, which I assumed were it's eyes. Even eyes it lacked. By the time I realized it had no eyes it was face to face with me. I stared into the emptiness of where it's eyss should have been. It got closer and closer. It's muffled laughter got louder & louder. I closed my eyes tightly hoping this was another dream. I prayed and prayed this all a very elaborate joke. As my eyes were closed it started to run it cold hands over my face. I had stopped brething at this point out of pure fear. The end :)

Story is told by Vicx


i know you turnt your back on me just to get some racks