"A low Cheap blow I'd say"... Chelsea complained; As Derek yelled frantically asking why he'd bought cigarettes for her with understanding damn well, she needed tampons, She turned to him and said "Because it's my birthday!" Mind you this took place while on a walk to friend zone number 32. What did Derek expect a ****ing blow job? When he already had multiple hooker's cum festering along side his chafed old man legs! How rude was it for her to think of herself for once I mean; at least she didn't do what ran through her mind! When I first met Chelsea she was being treated in the hospital for her almost suicide scare. Thank God she didn't succeed in that department either ... all jokes aside if you catch my drift. I introduced myself as Dr. Susan Chefield you'll later learn why you have to be extra cautious with PTSD patient's especially one who has a very particular gift... Things of the in between (life and death) tended to stick to her. She looked about half drunk over dosed on medication prescribed to her for the reason she got rushed to my hospital in the first place...three days before her birthday six years ago today. Well over lathargic, so I told the nurses to wrap her wounds, get her cleaned up and not to worry about pumping her inside's She also looked like she fought a wrestler the night before, she kept muttering "I hate you and what's the point in life if there's no you and I"... I genuinely felt sad for the young woman. Chelsea then fell asleep for 3 days a couple meals in between waking up crying her heart out and falling back into a deep sleep. We kept her on 2 separate monitors 1 for the heart and the other for the brain activity although being a demonic Dr. Who can seap into you like butter on a roll even though out my body type experience. Was natural, almost like she knew who I was.. She asked a few times where the hell was "Lucifer". I kind of ignored the young lady acting like I had no idea who Lucifer was. She mumbled about cigarettes and stumbled on words like for instance I asked if she knew what abuse was? And if she was being physically harmed at home ? She stated A hesitant no and looked very confused she knew better than to lie to her best friend but I shrugged it off acting as if I believed her. I wanted to help her... I suggested counseling maybe going out with friends... A particular reason for her not having friends was in her words " it's my face" I guess I caught a glance of fear as if she'd seen a monster.. in which she says he stands in the doorways and watches me. She seemed to be unafraid of the tall Shadowy figure who stands and watches her sleep though a gleam in her eyes clearly showing slight fear as she turned slowly to sneak a peak at the door... she said it look like he was eating baby souls, she chuckled a cute yet nervous chuckle. Still understanding Chelsea's misunderstood attraction towards what could have been a horrible demon in which unlocks doorways to other dimensions... Or a sexy God of some sort. I was a mysterious Creature outside looking in and I was still trying to get a grip on reality she almost confused me I was flabergassted only swirling round and around about near flying in my mind of several ways to get her to wake up and enjoy life a little before going into another realm... She reminds me of the time traveler's wife but without a question; without a reason, not curious, yet needing to fill her soul with knowledge or she was hungry for souls in it's self. Made me want to create the most amazing sandwich ever... -whenever -wherever

Story is told by Chelsey Alexandria lee


Love the Title...