Hi I'm George.And yes, I'm friends with someone that ALWAYS bullied .His name is Ben. To me,he is a good friend!Just one day ,something TERRIBLE happened !But let's not get ahead of ourselves.Lets go a day before what Actually happened .Ben, got a new game,The legend of Zelda,A game I forgot how to spell ;-;... Anyways he was so happy with it HECK he took it to school with him!But one day,he lost it! He could not find it ANYWHERE !But just then, he fowned a note,to meet him at the lake .So he went to the lake ,but he saw the bullies,but not just any ordinary bully, his worst enimies. He was just about to run away,but he knew,it was to late the leader of that group grabbed him by the hood an threw him down and started stabbing his eyes out.Me (George) was watching but could not help .Later on he started drowning him,and Ben died.I got his game and started playing .....BUT BEN WAS ON THE SCREEN !!!! THE END!

Story is told by Oof I forgot my nickname...


I LOVE creepypastas and this has been my favorite for a long time. Keep up the good work!

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

LOVE IT I actually live with the creepypastas


awsome didnt see the ending coming! lol ok kinda but legend of zelda has some weird stories out there!! keep writing your' re awesome!

Akira Johnson

This is a pretty good story

Oof I forgot my nickname...

Hi guys, I know, my story was very short,and has slot of commas.But I hoped u enjoyed! :)