I stared at the three rifles, there barrels clean and rifled. The three people threatened, "Drop the rifle, now!" It fell with a loud thud. The trio ziptied my hands and brought me down. They explained to me what was happening. The biggest one, who I guess was their leader, said, "We were listening to the radio. The bombs were dropping. Russia sent out a large attack, and so did most other nuclear powers. Russia was hit very hard. So was the U.S." They then started asking me questions. "Who are you?" "I'm Private First Class Robert J. Packard of the U.S. Army." "We are brothers, I'm Nikolai, this is Peshev, and this is Dormatev. We are Bulgarian, you see, but we have studied our English. Here, I'll cut you loose." "Thanks, can I have my rifle back." "For favor, yes." "Ok, for what?" "Let us teach you how to survive, we are what you Americans call doomsday preppers." And off we went. They taught me how to do many things the army didn't teach me, and they patched up my thigh. I got my rifle and headed out into the unknown after about a month. My face had a full beard by now. I put on my gas mask and left. The waste were empty, with weird mist clouds scattered. Bioweapons, I thought. The Russians deployed biological agents, but the rest of the world had no clue what it did. I walked to the direction of my old military base. A thick cloud hung over it. I walked through the gates. Burnt tents, destroyed vehicles and buildings. It was frightening. I saw a man standing in the middle of it. I walked over with my gun up. "Hey mister." *Groans* "You good?" It turns around and charges. I fire at it, but it still runs at me. I couldn't move, it jumped on me. I pulled out my knife as it scratched me up, stabbing it in the skull. I felt horrified. I just killed a man. I walked over to a truck. It looked almost unscathed. I looked into the cab. There was a body, it had a tag, Jeffrey. I looked on the body for anything, and I found a picture with burnt edges. "My baby girl Maribelle," it said on the picture of a toddler with a tricycle. Jesus, I thought, why did this happen? I moved the body out of the cab and hopped in. The keys were in the ignition. I heard the engine rumble as I turned the key. I drove past some signs to a couple of buildings. A sign said Pripyat, Ukraine. I couldn't remember if I had heard it before. I drove through the gates of a military installation of some sort. I got out of the truck. I saw some buildings so I went to them for shelter. I walked in to silence, but then I heard something behind me.

Story is told by The_Dark_Operator