So when I was around 11 or 12, I lived in this modern little house but looked creepy if you ask me. Well first you should know how the living room would be soooo cold all the time !. Then i would also always hear someone walking in the hall way outside my door and never bothered to look who it was because I usually thought it would be one of my brothers or parents. Ok, now hear is the creepy thing....I was once in my room (no one home except my mom but she was on the porch outside ) with my door wide open. Then all of a sudden I look towards my door and (BOOM!) My door slammed shut. My mom heard and came running to my room and I told her what happened:/(I think she believed me since she also heard all the foot steps before too). Another thing that happened was when I was walking home from school and seen smoke from what looked like it was coming from my house... was my house but luckily no one was home at the time. Plus we also lived in another house that was scary but I only have had one scary incident there. So I was in my room when I was gonna leave I felt something holding my hand back!.Not to mention how dark it was but it was pitch black and I couldn't see what had a tight grip on my hand holding me back!!.Soon enough the "thing" finally let me go and I went RUNNING to my moms room like I never ran before and I jumped on her bed and covered my body head to toe with my blanket :'). But fell asleep after what felt like hours had past. Anyways my dad once told me how when he was little and you had those little bathrooms outside like a port a pottie but bigger or something. Well one day he went at night to go to the bathroom but when he walked in he ran straight out because it was pitch black and all he seen where two little beetie red eyes with what looked like sharp white as snow teeth staring right at him. (My brother had the same experience). Finally of all the creepy things ... Before my dad past away at 78...about a week before he told me and my mom he saw the green reaper at the corner of his eye!!!! Thx for reading if u did and i hope u liked this short true childhood stories of mine ?stay spooky?

Story is told by ❤Ilovescarystories❤


I loved this story and think the end was creepy