I wake up. I’m not in the room I was in when I fell asleep last night. “Hello” a voice says “Who are you” I say “I’m Slender Man, you will stay here with me now. You will not see Jeff unless he is here with a knife against your throat” Slender Man says “I got this from here Slendy” Jeff says “It’s her torture time isn’t it” Slender Man says. “Yep” Jeff says. Slender man leaves the room. Jeff comes to me with his knife. He puts it to my throat again. “J..J..Jeff Why are you doing this?” I say in fear. He doesn’t answer. But his face darkens with evilness. Again he’s happy to see me in fear. I’m against the wall and he sweeps me into his arms and growls kind of. “Your safe don’t worry” he says. He nuzzles my hair a bit. He puts the knife back up to my neck. But he doesn’t do anything bad. I know that I’m safe. He won’t hurt me. But Slender Man does. He abuses me. He treats me like I’m his wife but I’m not. He’ll get on top of me and what he does hurts me. I shouldn’t be doing this kind of adultery yet. I’m to young. But when Jeff comes I’m safe. I don’t need to be scared. He loves me. I love him. But what am I talking about. Jeff knows what Slender Man does to me. He can’t do anything. He tried to help me escape. It didn’t work. Slender abuses me everyday now after that incident. It hurts. I’m bruised and have cuts all over me. I cry everyday now. Jeff tries to help me feel better. I need to get out of this place. “ Sarah. Are you okay?” Jeff asks “No” I say “What’s wrong” he asks “Slender Man. He keeps hurting me and abusing me. It’s getting worse each day.” I say starting to cry. Jeff hugs me and reassures me that I’ll be ok. He sits on the floor with me. We sit in silence while I cry. He puts his knife against my throat like usual. He laughs. I start to smile. He knows that it’s not really my weak spot anymore but doesn’t try to get a new one. He applies a little bit of pressure. My eyes are filled with fear which makes his face darken again. Slender Man came in. “I have a victim for you Jeff. You can murder this one. “ Slender Man says Slender Man throws in a 21 years old girl. She’s pretty. Jeff takes the knife off my throat and looks at her. She tries to get out. Jeff slits her throat and she dies instantly. I hide my eyes. He looks at me and laughs. “Scared much” he asks while laughing. “A little. You wouldn’t do that to me, right?” I ask. “Of course not Sarah. I couldn’t hurt you” Jeff says. He backs me up against the wall and puts his knife against my throat. The fresh blood drips on my neck. I giggle. It’s cold. He applies pressure when Slender Man comes in. He sees the blood on my neck and thinks it’s mine. He doesn’t see the dead girl. “ Jeff!! You have cut her” Slender Yells. He grabs Jeff and throws him out of the room. He puts him in another room. He comes back in and looks at my neck and cleans me off. He doesn’t abuse me. Not today no. Today he was soft and gentle with me. He hugged me and made sure I was fine. He gave me food. Shampoo, conditioner, and soap for me to take a shower. I take a shower and my hair turns peachy pink. I put my hair into 2 braids. When I walk back in Slender Man and Jeff are arguing about me. “She should come back to my home Slendy” Jeff says “Fine you’ve been good at torturing her here” Slender Man says. “She shouldn’t be tortured anymore. We’ve hurt her she is almost 18.” Jeff says I walk out “I’ve been here for almost two years?” I ask “Yes” Jeff says I collapse onto the ground and pass out.

Story is told by luna123 the same as inky