I wake up. It’s dark. He’s there holding a knife. "Please don’t hurt me” I beg. “ You didn’t want to come. You didn’t have a choice. You are chained to the wall. You are not leaving.” He says “What about my school? My friends? My boyfriend?”I ask “You won’t go to school anymore. You won’t see your friends anymore. And your boyfriend? Well let’s just say he’s no longer with us.” He says “You killed him?!" I scream “Yes” He says. I curl into a ball and cry. He comes over to me. “You always have me” He says. “You killed my parents and my boyfriend” I say “So” He says “I loved them” I say He makes me look at him. He tries to kiss me and I pull away from him. He unchains me. I try to get up but then I’m dizzy. I sit back down. I couldn’t walk. He picks me up and carries me up the stairs to a room. There’s a bed, closet, and bathroom. He lays me on the bed. He kisses my cheek and leaves. I wake up in the morning. I walk out of my room to hear loud voices. “Jeff is she here yet” Slender Man “No” Jeff says “When are going to kill her” Slender Man asks. “We can’t.” Jeff says “Why not” Slender Man asks. “ She’s like inky” Jeff says “Then you need to get her here soon” Slender Man says “Why” Jeff asks? “It’s my turn and as soon as you get her she comes with me” Slender Man says I run down the stairs. I yell at them. “I’m not an object!” I yell “Jeff again” Slender Man says. Slender Man grabs me and pulls me close to him. He’s like 9 feet tall. I close my eyes while he studies me. When I open my eyes he’s still holding me. I glare at Jeff. “You lied to me” I say. “ Sarah. Stop talking.” He says “Jeff, she isn’t staying here this time.” Slender Man says “Slender. This time it’ll be worth it. She will stay here for one week.” Jeff says “Fine I’ll give you five days” Slender Man says “but after I’m coming to collect her” “Go to the basement” Jeff says. I walk down to the basement. The same place where Jeff chained me up. I start thinking about my dads. I cry. Jeff comes down and hugs me. “Don’t worry Sarah. Slender man is gone. He won’t bother us for a while. Your safe” he says “Who is inky?” I ask “ My last girl. I murdered her after she cheated on me. I won’t do that to you” He says. “I know I’m not safe. Slender man will come back for me. I know he will” I say “Not now though. Right now you are safe from him” He says Jeff carries me to my room again. He lays me on my bed. He sits there with me for a minute. He takes out his knife and I tremble with fear. He seems delighted to see me be scared of him. He puts the knife closer to my neck. I gasp. The cold metal is on my throat. He doesn’t apply any pressure. I sit there with fear. He’s delighted to see me with fear. He applies a little pressure making me not want to move. “Please don’t hurt me” I say in a whisper. “I won’t hurt you. I like your fear. It makes you more I don’t know attractive.” He says He applies a little more pressure. Looking at my face as I keep my eyes closed. I can feel him smiling. He thinks it’s fun. I open my eyes. His face is dark. He’s smiling. He puts the knife on my chest. He twirls it around. Making me not want to breath. He moves it back to my throat. “That’s the weak spot.” He says smiling. “Yes because no girl would be scared of a man when he puts a knife to their throat.” I say He laughs and puts his knife away. He leaves the room. I fall asleep.

Story is told by luna123 the same as inky

luna123 the same as inky

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