Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m 16 and have two dads. My mom and dad divorced when he came out as gay. I have green eyes red hair and light skin. My style I would describe as being dark but cute. This is my story of Jeff the Killer. It’s night and it’s raining really hard. I get a call from a random person saying my parents have been murdered. There is a knock on my door. I open the door. There’s a guy in the door frame. “Hi” I say “Hey" he says "Who are you” I say ”Jeff” he says. ” Come in” I say. He walks in and sits down. He invites me to sit. “I murdered your parents” he says. “What!?” I stand up. He gets up. I start my way to my room. He follows me. “I’ve killed lots of people. Like this girl named inky and another named Layla.” He says My door is closed and locked. I turn around. He keeps walking towards me until I’m against the door. He tells me that “ I’ve been watching you for many weeks” he says. “That’s creepy” I say. He is attractive. He takes out a knife. He puts it to my throat. “What are you doing” I say. “Come with me” he says “No. I’m not going with you.” I say He presses the knife. “Come With Me” he says. “And if I don’t” I ask. “I’ll make you” he says He gives me a shot. The last thing I remember is falling.

Story is told by luna123 the same as inky

luna123 the same as inky

Hi everyone thanks for reading