This one day my friends came over and we wanted to have fun in a shit way. I downloaded the browser put on my vpn and went on the deep web. Now we Had to search for some bullshit. I selected chat room thing and oh boy this was a bit fun. We came across the first user. His name had numbers ( 1 and 0 mixed ) we asked him "hi is this your first time here" he responded with a God damn link now I clicked on it for the sake of having VPN on. It showed a picture of a pig with a knife through its mouth. Now ofcourse we expected that it's the damn deep web right? When we went back to the chatrooms it wouldn't go back. We spam clicked it and then boom. Video clip. We went off the website and deleted it as quick as we could. 1 hour later this homeless guy knocks on my door. I looked through the hole and he has a God damn knife . I went up to the balcony and threatened to beat his ass . But he smiled , ran away. Till this day I'll never forget that shit ever wtf.

Story is told by ToxicZR