Yes i was the one who killed her and I have many reasons for killing her.....

▪︎She made fun of me everyday
▪︎spray painted my locker LOSER
▪︎printed my picture on a paper and stepped on it and crushed it in front of everyone
▪︎ called me names everyday
▪︎ Dated a guy on purpose because I liked him
▪︎ Made everyone of my days feel like I'm in hell.
I don't know why she bullied me everyday when I have never done anything to her and I never got the answer for my question because.....

I tied her to a chair in her own Attic when no one was there. Took a knife slowly started cutting her face, she yelled in pain begging me to stop but it only made me want to do it more. Smiling I cut her pretty face, seeing her blood oozing out slowly made me feel good but I wasn't satisfied yet so I wrote NG RULES on her back with a knife she screamed in pain more crying with pain. When I finished there was no place on her that was not filled with blood.

Her screaming was getting louder every second. I set there in front of her watching her bleed to and death crying for
help. I sighed in satisfaction as she died slowly in pain. Then I sat there for 30 minutes looking at her bloody body before I left without a trace.

Before the police found her I took the same knife I killed her and smiled . Then whispered to my self I did what I want in my life now it's time for me to go back to where I came from and stabbed my heart .
I smiled happily before breathing my last breath.

Story is told by nightmare girl


Me has disccc give pls

Bloodshed Flower

It’s great! Keep it up! Me: in the distance *defiantly not reading Webtoons* Ehehehe... *sweats nervously*




These stories that you posted are real ?

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

Really bloody I loved it

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

I loved it.because I almost did the same

Oof I forgot my nickname...

Pretty good story,very bloody...hehe

nightmare girl



Good story


Lol nice if I was you I'll ****ing slit her throat without anyone knowing ?



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