We've all felt it You're up late working,studying,watching a movie,reading on the computer.Doesnt matter what you're doing it's the feeling you get.You're tired,you're eyes burn and have a gritty feeling you get when you don't sleep for awhile Ok you can't go crawl into bed right now,but close you're eyes for a couple of minutes.Trying to get a little moisture back into your eyes,that couldn't hurt anything right? Then you're falling.Like stepping off a cliff,you're in free fall,though you're body isn't even moving Then like a bungee cord snapping back You're jerking awake,heart thumping like never before blinking a lot wondering what happened Doctors call it a hypnagogic jerk a natural reaction they say but what they don't know is that our brain is bringing you back to reality but If you fall to far You're brain can't bring you back And you end up dying

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Holy shit imagine actually not waking up


I know I'm also proud

Its me MG

Now there is a plot bravo