Ya know that feeling you get where you just wanna lay down all day it's a good feeling ya know what else is a good feeling suicide yeah,yeah I know you can end depression but let me tell you a little bout me 1.I was adopted 2.life was hard 3.suicide was my only option 4.My actual family died 5.my non biological family died when I was 15 6.sent to my last family member 7.SHE DIED AS WELL WHEN I WAS 19 8.LOOK AT ME NOW I stabbed my stomach waiting to bleed out so this will be my last storie Here's some advice 1.one stab hurts two end it all 2.Hunt for the thrill not for the fun 3.same shit different day *sigh* Life's a **** just remember that Ahh yes the shity 700 letters to post story NOW that's what I call actual bullshit

Story is told by INFECTED


If you go to he'll say hello to my dad

Its me MG

Well alright then