"Kim! hurry up were going to be late". I rushed to get my things as fast as I could. "Coming!" "Dont forget to feed you brother" that thing was my brother and I didn't like the feeling of him. Three years ago I got a brother his name was Leo but something was odd about him. "Honey you know what forget it he's coming over to your birthday party, he is YOUR brother after all". As much as I hated it she was right. I went into my brothers room and told him that he was coming to my birthday party as usual he says. "Of course what is it a trip to the zoo". "No you dirty rat were going to my friends house". "Oh". So he asked if he could bring his "REAL FRIEND" "brother your imaginary friend isn't real now get dressed I'm not gonna let you ruin everything. "I'll take that as a yes then". At the party everything was casual except for my brother. He always kept talking to his fake friends. At times I would here him say something about killing someone at this party but he's all talk it MY sleepover after all he was not gonna ruin it with his words. I'll make a perfect game heheh. "Hey brother wanna play this game" "really oh my god thank you so much I never get to have any fun". "Hehehe it's called stuck I in a locked closet and you first". So I put him in the closet lock form the outside. THIRTEEN YEARS LATER... "Hey this was my friends house" I said nearly on the verge of unpacking my boxes here. "Yah I've been hearing some strange noises in the closet some of the noises sound like I cant wait for her to come I'm so hungry" "hmm" I look inside the closet all I see is a shadow and then wait is that a knife o god i got to go wait is that brother omg i left him her heh buddy stay back no no ahhhhhh

Story is told by Akira Johnson

Akira Johnson

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