Today in turning nineteen this is the day I get my first look at college a man asked me "Hey you wanna take a look at my little girl it's her first day in preschool" "sure" I said not quite sure if it was a trick or not so I walk carefully and the man said "here she is" only to find a blood circle with a little girl's limbs which was not right I never though I could ever run that fast but something was in my pocket a toy? a penny? no a little black coin that as soon as I held it up in the light it felt as my soul was breaking before me all I could think of was tipping people but I threw it as far as I could was that the thing that weird man went insane from? I went home tired and scared for my life. I asked my mom if she was ok she replied with "honey of course I'm fine what's with the face you look like you've seen a ghost hehe" I had that weird feeling again and this time it was stronger I was hallucinating. I went to bed, my dream was horrifying I saw myself killing nonstop, and then I woke up were my dream left off in a alleyway with dead bodies around me it wasn't a dream the cops came and I was glad and with a bang my misery left me THE END

Story is told by Akira Johnson

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