As you can tell now... I... I’m scarred for the rest of eternity. Her porcelain skin and perfect body wasn’t even perfect. I must have screamed when I entered that room for once I blacked out, sirens pierced my ears. All there was the shrieks and cries of Laura... and eventually a gun shot. I woke up amid a hospital, the blinding light was too much so I looked away... I wish I didn’t... I could see... MIRRORS... of me in my bed. I screamed. The doctors hurried inside. I pleaded to the doctors to tell me that the person in the mirror wasn’t me. But it was. I looked at the mirror again. My face was still caked in dried blood with a nasty stitch in the middle of my f*€#ing face. My body was severed in many places. Some of my limbs were cut off as well. My entire body looked like one of a horror story. I stood up and limped to the front desk. The front desk lady, stared at me in sympathy and said gently, “Don’t worry sweetie, the psychopath is gone.” I still didn’t want to believe it was Laura who did it. I had a horrifying tantrum. I grabbed a stapler and threw it at her head. Before I knew it, I blurted out, “LAURA DIDN’T DO THIS!! I KNOW SHE WOULDN’T!!.” My voice hurt every time I spoke, it was almost as bad as my appearance now. “I’m her BOYFRIEND! MY NAME IS-“ I stopped short. What WAS my name? I thought hard but nothing came up. Again I sobbed uncontrollably, absolutely heartbroken and hurt that the one person I loved and trusted the most had hurt me, mentally and physically. Since my parents died when I was young, I was an orphan for most of my life. I fell onto the remains of my right knee which hurt like hell when my nub stumped the ground. To this day, I remember all of it like it was yesterday. And I won’t forget it. ???: is that your story? Me: yes... ???: are you ready to leave? Me: one second... And so of course I give my thanks to all the doctors who supported me and motivated me to tell my story. But destroying the last picture me and Laura took together. I still don’t know who I am or was, but I know I was better-looking than now. ... I guess I’ll see you in heaven I guess... With all my remaining emotions and thoughts, “Venz the heartbroken one”

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower

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Bloodshed Flower

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