I almost died before. Im not joking. Have you ever heard of a doppelganger? When you see your doppelganger it means you are going to die. I have seen it twice when I was a little girl. The first time I saw it I was at a pool party with my grandmother. She had just went inside with her friends and the other kids. I wanted to keep swimming so they said I had 15 more minutes. In the middle of swimming I stopped at one point because I saw someone else in the pool too. I was the only one outside and sure of it because I could see the other kids in the living room and the adults in the kitchen making sandwiches. I looked at the figure and gasped. It-she was me. I was staring at myself. Same swimauit and same pair of goggles. I didn't know what I was starring at and was paralyized in fear. I have never encountered anything like that in that point of my life. I have never had an imaginary friend throughout my whole childhood neither. I heard the back door open and my grandmas friend walk towards me. She was a medium as well but much stronger than me then. She couldn't see what I was starring at but she felt its presence. I told her what I saw and when we left about and hour and a half later she told me to be careful. Two days later me,my grandmother,my grandfather, and my sister was at the towns pool. I have went down this slide thousands of times and was not afraid of the deep end either, since I was really good at swimming. Once I got to the bottom of the slide I looked over to my grandmother. She was walking towards the stairs with my sister in tow. I wanted to scare them I think. I started moving in their direction. Thats the last thing I remember before waking up 15 minutes later. Apparentley I went under water and didn't resurface. The lifegaurds pulled me out and started to give me CPR. I woke up eventually. I got the rest of my story a few years later. My grandmother said she saw me go under water, but she said it looked like someone pulled me under. That I found scary, but not as much as I did the next part that she told me. She said that after they pulled me out they started CPR, but I was unresponsive for about ten minutes. No pulse, no nothing. The lifegaurd and my grandmother said that I died. They were about to call the police when apparentley a new life gaurd came up and said she would try. I woke up 3 minutes later to her giving me CPR. My grandmother was to happy to tell her thank you. My grandfather and sister left because my grandmother told them to after I went under water and didnc't come back up so my grandfater was no help for what happened next. On our way out my grandmother stopped at the desk and asked to speak with the blond female life gaurd that saved my life. The person behind the desk said that they didnt have a blond haired life gaurd working that day. My grandmother was shocked because the girl that saved me had blond hair, and was in the pools life gaurd outfit. My grandmother asked to see the video footage. Ten minutes later we are in the car and speeding off. A little while later my grandmother told me that while watching the footage at the time she had seen the blond life gaurd, in the footage she never appeared. Apparentley I just woke up. My second sighting with my doppleganger I will tell another time. Again this is a true story believe it or not. It still scares me to think I have died once, but came back by my gaurdian angel? And was close to dying again. Less than 4 years later, but still didn't die.

Story is told by arudder64


I almost died once.