So I was about to head home from school when my sight became a little blurred than usual but I shrugged it off. The next day when I was at class I couldn't read any of the words written on the board so I told my teacher to call my aunt (who is taking care of me and my brother) to come and pick me up. When she arrived I told her what happened and she told me I might be having eye problems so we went to an eye clinic and after the checkup I was shocked because my eyesight will never return to normal so my aunt suggested to buy me red glasses which looked like blood injected inside the clear plastic frame. A week passed by and I got my glasses it felt a little weird at first but I managed to ignore it. Some weeks went by my glasses are still blood colored, it somehow doesn't fade like it is really blood in the frame but I didn't care until the day I realized these glasses aren't ordinary. While I was walking to school one day with my friend, lets call her thea, I had a throbbing feeling on my forehead I thought it was because of the heat outside so I shrugged it, as we were walking down the street the throbbing came back, I held my forehead and tried to stop it but it won't go away. My friend then asked me "whats wrong?" I told her it was nothing and just dealed with the pain. When we got to school I stopped and told thea that I needed to go to the clinic so she took off, as I was on my way to open the clinic door one of the nurses who was wearing the same glasses I have saw me pressing against my forehead with my palm and asked me "what happened?" I told the nurse I had this painful feeling on my head like a thousand knives were getting pushed in my skull forcefully, it was no longer a light throbbing sensation so when I got inside the clinic they put this minty ointment on my forehead and told me to stay there for a while. I was staying there for a while until I saw this creepy looking patient at the clinic, I called the patient and asked what their name was as the patient turned their head towards me I was completely weirded out, it seemed like the patient was a boy, he had long black hair which looked like it was tied up, his skin was like mine, his eyes were light brown and his cheeks seemed to be a little red. He stared at me for a while and told me his name lets call him jack, I told him my name and asked for him to get closer because I wanted to talk with him for a while. As he walked closer to me I saw a nurse walking fast through the clear sliding door to my part of the room, jack ran towards me and yelled "help me!" as the nurse got closer jack then reached my room and sat beside me. When the nurse got to my room she said I had to move out of the way, I asked "why is there something wrong?" the nurse whispered in frustration "just move out of the way!" I grabbed on to jack's hand and asked him to come with me, the nurse then pulled me letting go of jack's hand, "hey why'd you do that?!" I shouted angrily "that boy is not what you think he is!" the nurse said. "I don't care let go of me!" yelling at the nurse while pulling my arm off her grip, I went to jack and said sorry for letting go of his hand, he fogave me and walked over to the nurse, the nurse was slowly backing away as jack lifted his hand up, he touched her forehead and the nurse outright fell and was completely knocked out. I was standing there with amazement (I don't get scared easily so this is how I react at everything) jack then walked towards me and I said "wow that was so cool!" jack smiled and as he was smiling his face was a little human like color and his cheeks were a little red, I asked him if he had a fever and touched his forhead if it was warm "your not sick but why are you red?" jackthen sat on the bed and told me something I couldn't forget. "I liked you ever since you came to this school" I sat there in complete silence. Not functioning well I stuttered as I ask him "w-what d-d-do you m-m-mean?" he grabbed my hand, pulled it, and kissed my forehead, I was completely blushing red as a tomato and told him "are you serious?" He told me he was and I said "well why?", he chuckled "because your funny and really clumsy" he replied sweetly my face was about to explode. So as I was about to leave the clinic with jack holding my hand I saw thea waiting for me outside the clinic looking confused I asked why "what are you holding?" she asked "jack's hand" I replied "what hand?" she added. I ran with jack to a nearby private spot and asked him "what was she talking about can't she see you?" jack then told me something I couldn't let go of, "im a spirit" jack said sadly "w-w-what but your here" I said Jack said " its because of your glasses you can see me with those glasses like the nurse saw me, she knew I wasn't a human being because she can only see me with her glasses on" (I started to cry a little bit) I lifted my glasses up but I can still see him "your real" I said "no im not" jack said "I died a year ago when you were in grade 6 my mom made special glasses and I asked her if I die she would put my blood in some of the glasses she makes so maybe someday you can pick it and I will live with you forever" I hugged jack and said "I will never leave your side unless you don't leave mine" jack blushed and said "shut up" I laughed. People think im weird but I don't care unless jack is here beside me. I see him in some places sometimes but he doesn't stay there that long I wish he could stay and talk to me again.

Story is told by Itz kazashi


I didn't really get the story,but I really liked it

Itz kazashi

I completely messed this story up