This is a true story. I still can not explain it and it still haunts me to this day. Im 15 and am not new to the paranormal world. My mother and grandmother had raised me with a deep understanding of all things paranormal. I have had many encounters with these beings, but this one left me the most shaken. Before I tell you this story I should tell you that im a medium. For those of you who don't know what a medium is, its a person who can communicate with the non-living without a device. Now that you know this let me tell you about my two horrific encounters with my demon. I had just started school again so it must have been August or September. It was my 7th grade year so I was kind of excited. I had gotten my first smartphone that summer and was overly excited. I remember I was listening to horror stories on youtube anything by Creepypasta,Darkness Prevails, and Readdit. That is probably why at first I thought what I had saw was part of my imagination. I was listening to these stories when I suddenly became very cold. Being used to this I was expecting to be able to see what was there when I turned around. I didn't see anything when I turned to look from were I was laying on my bed. This was weird I was usually able to see them even if they let themselves be seen or not. And if I couldn't see them fully I could still see their outline. I was confused because the temperature fell atleast 12 degrees more. So I knew it had to be something demonic. I knew this because my old house that I had lived in previousley was were I met my very first demon. I remembered that my grandmother had once said that I would have to use a black mirror or the darkness of a device to see it fully if it was attached to me. I never believed this because it was just a superstition she had. I now know that I was wrong. I decided to use the blackness in my phone to test my grandmothers superstition. What I saw chilled my bones to my core. I knew that what I had saw before I dropped my phone in shock was pure evil. It was smiling at me its mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It was tall and bulky, but what stood out to me the most was the fact that not only was it right behind me, but that he was on all fours. After that I've had more and more encounters with it. My mom and her friend had called a professional paranormal researcher to talk to me about it. To my unluck that night after the professional left I had my worst encounter with it. I was in the living room on my phone surfing through facebook. The t.v. was on for background noise. It was storming outside, but that didn't bother me. I love storms and hope for a really bad one all the time, don't ask me why I still can't explain it either. But for me I can't sleep during a storm, full moon, or a new moon. But on this night I wish I was able to sleep. A flash of lightning illuminated the kitchen from my vision. I looked up and saw it on all fours looking at me smiling. I was frozen in fear for the fact that just looking at it instilled so much fear in me was unbelievable. Nothing is supposed to be able to do that I thought. I guess I blacked out because the next thing I knew I saw my mom walk in around 1 am after she got off work. She came to ask why I texted her an hour ago. I had no idea I had even texted her so I looked at my phone to see if I did and sure enough I had texted her 25 times to come home quick. Next thing I knew was that my mom was holding my left arm and wondering why I wrote on it. I looked and my whole arm was covered with the word God over and over again all over it. I had no recollection on how my whole arm was covered in that word. It wasn't even my handwriting. I knew my sister didn't do it cause I was home alone while she was at a sleep over. My mom called her friend over and the professional. Within an hour they both were there asking me question. Around 3 am they clensed the house and me. We even went to the extreme measure of doing a clensing circle. They stayed the rest of the night while I slept to make sure everything was ok. Two days later I encountered him again, again I had blacked out, but this time my mom was home and had pressed a bible to my chest and poured Holy water on me. I woke up feeling like I was on fire, but it subsided quickly. We called the professional again, but he said that since it came back he couldn't do anything it was to strong. I talked to a Priest that did excercisms. The Priest told me he wouldn't be able to get rid of it bacause it was to strong and could end up killing me to detach it from me. So now here I am 3 years later still having encounters with him. And he's gotten stronger, but I now can see him fully and no better than to look at him at night. I have had other encounters with different beings such as my doppelganger. But those are for another time. You don't have to beilve any of this, but living through that was horrifying and living with it now still instills the horror that it feeds on.

Story is told by Ashley Rudder

The Mexican fang



Kasmir I have no idea what it is everytime we go to seek help every answers the same. Its to strong. I have to figure out my self, but I think its a curse.


possession? curse?