It was a cold night , and I just got home from work , i noticed my room door opened and it was strange to me because i always close my bedroom door before leaving , it was strange but i didnt care because i thought i might forgot closing it today , i couldnt remember well because i was so exhausted from work , i went to shower and ate my dinner, i went to the living room to rest and watch tv , while i was watching tv i heard a strange noise , sounding like cutting apples , the noise came from the kitchen . I was freaking out because it was late at night and im all alone at my house, i got up and off the television and went to bed i couldnt fall asleep as i keep thinking of that noise becuse it was just so strange ,. I finally slept after hours of thinking about that was just so strange . I woke up in the middle of rhe night feeling thirsty , i went up to the kitchen for some drink and while i was finding for drinks i suddenly remembered about the strange noise i thought to myself " could it be someone unknown in my house?" i was terrified as i lived alone and my neighbours are on a trip so if i needed help i couldnt ask anyone to help so i quickly drank up the drink and went back but while i was heading back to my bedroom i heard a man breathing and i knew something or someone was in my house and something wss definitely not right so i wanted to call my closest friend to come over to accompany me as im freaking out . I was ringing my friend when i heard a loud thud like someone fell onto the ground weighing 150 kg , i got the cold nerves, my friend wasnt picking up , i didnt know what to do and went to my bedroom and lock the door , the breathing sound came back and it was clearly a man because i heard a voice .. I decided to be brave and went out to see .. but suddenly when i was about to get out of my room i had this gut feeling to not and get out from the window sneakily , i was leaving in a house by myself . i snuck out of my room to the streets and had a walk and after a few hours i went back and it was already morning , so when i got back i was ready to call the police in case anything happens , but nothing strange happened so i was relieved , i went to dress up and went for work. At work i was bored so i went to the online to search for the latest news and found out that around my house there was a man murdering and stabbing innocent people around midnight time , i froze and i was just so lucky to have that gut feeling.. or else i wont be saved and murdered .. i mean its not really a horror story so.. im sorry :)

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