I opened my eyes slowly just to see a dark condition. I massaged my forehead and slowly sat up. "Where am I?" I tried to remember what exactly happened. The room's light suddenly turned on out of the blue. When I thought it was a good thing, I saw people hanged onto the ceiling with their body's destroyed. I got up and tried to search for an exit as fast as possible. I remember now. What happened. "Guys, check this out. Another person got possessed and we have to investigate the place." Ryan, the captain showed us a video of a little girl being possessed. "They had called to cops but now it's our time to check this place out!" I fixed my sitting posture. I was the only girl in the crew followed by 3 other guys, not included Ryan. Roby, Ryan's older brother knows more about paranormal experiences. He was not the captain for an invalid reason. Cole is the master of using deadly weapons such as snipers. Lastly is Alan. He doesn't have any sick talents but he knows how to make condiments that are useful. And me, well.. I'm just a girl with no talents whatsoever. I'm scared of everything, suck at shooting, only know how to make tea and knows nothing about ghost topics. How did I even joined the crew? Don't ask me. "It looks creepy and dangerous. I'm not sure if I'll be alive when we get out of there." I said. "Hey, it's nothing. We-" "Wait! We got information from the woman." Ryan exclaimed as he stopped Alan's sentence. "The owner of this house is blind and it caused his death at 1999. When moved in at 2002, we did felt a little fishy about the place. But, we ignored it. I found out that my child (who was the one possessed) was blind after the demons enter her. My husband and son too became blind. I'm very worried about their condition." "Wow." Roby said. "She said that the dead owner is blind, right? Maybe, the spirit somehow turned them into the same condition as he was. I think I've heard of this before. Everyone who enters that house will have the same condition as the dead owner. Even if blind isn't a deadly thing, the spirit will possess them while eating their insides. I don't really think this information is correct but I've heard this happening." "Good thinking, Rob. I'll go prepare the liquid. There's this liquid recipe I found from a store where it'll help trap the spirit so it doesn't wander around and has a low chance to possess us." Alan said. "I'm ready with an AKM. You know, if we really needed it." Cole packed his gun into a specific bag. I just sat there, watching this video over and over again. "I contacted the woman. Tomorrow at 3AM we'll go so it'll be easier to communicate with the spirit." I scrolled down, to find more creepy information about the house.

Story is told by PotatoChips

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