Rarity wasn't in the best of moods. She had a long day travelling and it was now dark and raining. Thank goodness that she discovered a hotel on her travels. She would spent the night there and continue on in the morning. After finally getting a room, the pony at the reception then said something strange. He said that if Rarity comes across a room numbered 1313, do not try and enter it. Rarity didn't think much of it but agreed anyway. She just wanted to have a shower and head off to bed. But as she was walking down the corridors, Rarity did come across the room numbered 1313. She stood outside it and began to wonder why she wasn't allowed to enter the room. Maybe it was being repaired or it had a bug problem or something. Despite it, Rarity did promise not to try and enter it. But then she thought that perhaps she could just look through the keyhole. So she walked over and peaked through the keyhole. Inside was just an average hotel room. Apart from it being dark and needed a good cleaning that is. But then Rarity noticed something. It was a pale white pony sitting on the bed. She had her back to the door and looked like she was upset over something. Rarity began to wonder what's up. But she must have made a noise or something because the pony raised her head up as if it was alerted it by something. Not wanting to be caught spying, Rarity backed away from the door and headed off to her own room. The next day, Rarity was on her way to reception to check out. But then she came across room 1313 again. And despite what happened yesterday, she decided to look again through the keyhole. When she did so, all she could see was red. As if someone had been throwing red paint everywhere. Rarity was confused. But then she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning round, she saw the reception pony standing behind her. He was angry at her for being nosy. But then he decided to tell Rarity why the room was locked. Years ago, a newly married couple had spent their honeymoon in that room. But during the night, the husband murdered his newly married wife in her sleep. And as a final touch, he cut out her eyes. Leaving nothing but blood red sockets.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2


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