A young Man meets a young Woman, they both fell in love. As Valentine's day comes along, the Man planned to meet his girlfriend at the park. As the Man went to the Park, He saw his girlfriend but something wasn't right. His girlfriend was holding hands and flirting with another man. The man was heartbroken and sad as he walked away. That night, the man woke up screaming in pain, he held a knife and seeing his arms are bleeding slashes. He wrapped his arms in bandages and puts a black hoodie with jeans. The man walks outside to take a stroll down the street. He heard a voice, "Kill her...", very faint. The man walked towards to his girlfriend's house, the voices were louder, " KILL THE CHEATER, KILL THE CHEATER!!", The man couldn't take it no more. He went in the backyard and walked inside the house. The man grabs a knife from the kitchen and slowly walks upstairs. He opens the cheater's bedroom door sneakly, He sees the cheater with her man, sleeping sweet. The Man walks on their side of the bed, and starts slicing the cheater's throat and stabbing the cheater's man. The Man look at mess and starts to carve out the cheater's heart and eats it, The Man smiled and licked his lips.

Story is told by Pastdeath

Indigo Flower

... lesson learned.... Don't cheat..

Itz kazashi

I like your story!