There was once a house that stood at the end of the lane inbetween a large forest and an empty field. Nobody knew who built it or how long it was there. But what they did know was that it was haunted. So nobody has ever stayed there overnight. But that didn't stop travelers and the occasional homeless person from forcing a window open and spending the night there. Yet they don't stay too long. One late afternoon, four friends were caught in a terrible storm. They were Gary, Reece, Graham, and Felix. At first they didn't want to enter the house. But seeing that there was nowhere to take shelter and by now the storm was getting worse, they had no other choice. So one of them managed to get a window open and they went inside. Apart from some broken pieces of furniture, the house was empty. The four friends found a large room and settled down for the night. They'll leave after the storm passes. But no sooner did they settled down, then strange things happening. First they heard footsteps moving about upstairs. It sounded like there were several people moving back and forth, back and forth. The four friends had no idea what was going on. Then Graham made a big mistake. He called out "Who's up there?!". Then there was silence. Gary, Reece, and Felix glared angrily at Graham. Now whoever was inside the house as well knows of their presence. But before they could do anything, a door upstairs opened. Then it slammed shut. The four friends then heard hurried footsteps coming down the stairs. They brace themselves for a possible encounter with a derange homeless person. But there was nothing. Just as the four friends calmed down, they heard voices coming from one of the rooms upstairs. They were soft at first. Then they got louder and louder as whoever was talking started yelling at each other. Then there was a loud bang, as if a gun went off, then a loud thud as something fell onto the floor upstairs. Blood began to drip from the ceiling above the four friends and a small pool formed in the middle of the room. But what was worse was someone upstairs began to laugh evily. It went on and on. Until the four friends thought that they'll go mad. Then silence. The four friends looked at each other. They were beginning to regret coming here. Then they heard something else. It sounded like someone, or something, dragging something heavy down tbe stairs. Thump, thump, thump it went. Then they heard the front door open and close. Then there was silence again. Suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder. And a bolt of lightning filled the room with light. But that wasn't what made the four friends jump in fear. A hideous face stared at them from the end of the hallway. It grinned at them. Terrified. The four friends jumped out the open window, and ran off into the storm.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2