As every child does when we are young I wondered about the world picking up random objects. That is what I did till I picked the wistle. It was a dull steel whistle, I picked it up and brought it home. I went in the back door straight into the kitchen, were I ran water over it. Once done I put it in my mouth and blew as hard as could the ball didn't rattle, it simply made the sound of a women screaming over and over "HELP ME" as the sounds of flesh were being torn off. I through the whistle as I did so my dad walked in asking "why did you throw that whistle son?" I told him " I heard screams as i blew into it!". My dad picked it up and blew, nothing come out but breath. He looked at me like I was a mad man, he handed it back to me replying "well either way don't throw it". To make sure I wasn't crazy I blew into it again hearing the screams and tearing but the screams were quieter and the tearing was louder. I stopped and looked at the whistle in terror telling my self to never blow into it again. That night me, my dad, my mom, and my sister who was older than me were eating a roast that my mom had cooked. When my dad asked to see the whistle, he being my father I handed it to him. Whom he handed to my mom, he asked her to blow into it she did and nothing came out, so my sister asked if she could try and did, still nothing. So she handed to me and when she did, I told them to listen and I blew into it hearing a groan which said over and over "help me" and the tearing was at its loudest . They looked at me still waiting and I asked "didn't you hear the noise?!" They all asked what noise? I put the whistle on the table and told them never mind. After I ate dinner I went upstairs to go to bed and to make I want crazy for the last time I blew into the whistle and heard in a sloppy and angry voice "hungry" and it keep getting louder and louder till it stopped, there was no sound now as I blew into it.i stopped and put it on my desk next to my bed. I heard the voice now behind me repeating like it did when I blew the whistle "hungry" i slowly turned around shivering with fear. When i saw it I silently cried. It was 6 foot tall, had the 6 horns like a bull but twisted and rotten, the skin on its mouth gone rotten and tattered, it had the head of a human, its tongue hanged in between its bottom jaw, it had eyes covered in blood and the blue irises dark like the bottom of the sea, and had 2 humans cut in half and sewn together for its torso. Its legs moved slowly as it got closer repeating "hungry". I finally screamed my sister ran in the thing turned around and lunged to my sister biting her by the neck and dragged he into the darkness of the corner of my room. I turned the lights on and it was gone. I blew into the whistle to hear my sister scream over and over "HELP ME" I haven't seen the whistle since, I hid it in the park where no will find it... or so I hope.

Story is told by Scott

Ms. MeMe

wht happened to the sister? Did the parents ask about her? More plz...?