This is not just a regular story about "dolls" We just bought a doll for my little sister and she loved it but everytime she played I would see cut on her hand like is someone or something beat her so then I decided to watch her play and what I saw you will not like I saw her playing and then she randomly got a cut the doll she played with always had something on her hand it was ether a knife or something sharp and then she talked on her own like if she was talking to the dolls I watched her again but this time the dolls for up and pick up the knife and cutting her rist so Then she was talking   again alone when she left I grabbed the dolls and thew them in the other side and we never saw it again.... Or did we

Story is told by you_know_it


with more*** detail


seems rushed, would be awesome with my detail, an slower setting to amp it up!!

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it can be a awesome if there was more