5: I hate having other people living in the same house as me. If they weren't ghosts, I'd ask them to leave. 4: If there is one thing that I can't stand is gateways to the spirit world opening inside my chimney. 3: I don't know which is worse. The fact that I live next door to a graveyard. Or that the dead keep knocking on my front door, asking me to keep the noise down. 2: I opened the door and saw Slenderman standing on my doorstep. That's the last time I try a online dating agency. 1: My neighbour's dog is always seen chewing on a large bone. He is never seen without one. One day, I went up to him to see what kind of bones thst he's been given. And after I found out... I immediately phoned the police. For they weren't animal bones that the dog was chewing!

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2


3&5 my life!??

Itz kazashi

I like these kinds of stories