I was sleeping, and I had a nightmare. I slept through it, It went like this: I was in the woods, alone. A few miles away from me I heard gun shots, I jumped. I heard alot more. Finally the shots stoped. I heard weird music playing. It could not tell where it was coming from. I quickly reconized the song. I learned about it in school It was Ghost Tape 10. But.. I forgot in the dream what it was, So I started panicing. I find a watch tower, I dash up into it. As a run up the stairs at the top I see 3 dead people, With sinpers. I quickly realize it is a war. The music got creepier. I was afraid the soldiers would think Im a sniper, So I grab one of the snipers, incase of a attack. As I began running down, Smoke appears infront of me, I fun through the smoke then fell light headed. I passed out, I heard gun shots. Then.. I was out. I began to hear buzzing like I got concussed or something. Then the loud buzz faded away and I heard nothing but the song playing. I laid there. Then, The buzzing started. Louder then ever. I woke up from the nightmare. It was twisted, I couldnt get it off of my mind, And thinking about what they did to me in the dream.. Did they concuss me? Or kill me? I would never know.

Story is told by LilMissTux


It's not so scary but it teachs us a go lesson