As I sat on the roof and heard the cries of pain and the Screams of Agony From the ones that turned into Decaying corpses. It hurts me that these people didn't deserve any of this. I look towards the night sky and Pray to God. "Dear God, Why did you bring this curse on this world? Those who Were Innocent didn't deserve this, Is this a Revelation Coming true? Please give me a sign." I closed my eyes hoping for a sign from God but no answer. I Open my eyes and shouted to the Sky. "I won't believe in heaven and hell No saints, no sinners, no Devil as well. No pearly gates, no thorny crown You're always letting us humans down. That Father, Son and Holy Ghost It's just One Big Unholy Hoax." I got up and Stood close to the Edge of the roof and I Looked towards the City and Thought. "All Hope Is Gone." A Part of me says "Jump off and end it all, No Pain and No misery a 140ft Fall" But another part says "Don't Do It, it'll get better." I got away from the Edge of the roof and Layed down. I Grabbed a Photo of My wife and Daughter from my wallet. I looked at the photo and thought. "I'm Sorry I wasn't there to protect you." I Clutched the photo knowing my family is gone and Cried Myself to sleep. I woke up and looked at my Watch, "Damn, 6:45am" I though as I rubbed my eyes to Dilate them. I got up to stretch then I put my photo away and grabed my Backpack and climbed down the fire escape. I made my way to the 37th floor window. I climbed through making sure not to Make any Subtle movements or loud noises. "Damn it's dark." I said as i reached into my backpack. I turned on my flashlight and I Scanned around the empty room only to find out it's a Bedroom. I looked around The room for Anything I can use. "Ain't nothing but junk here." I thought to myself. I Opened the bedroom door and checked for a "Rotter". An Awful Oder filled the Apartment. I didn't hear anything, I scanned my flashlight. On the walls and floor, I see deep dark red liquid "Is that? That's Blood." I thought to myself. I slowly follow the trails that lead to the Room in the back that says "Nursery" I put my hand on the door knob and I start shaking. I crack open the door a bit and peek inside. I see a Baby's Bassinet ripped and Torn. I open the door further up. I walk in and take a closer look inside the room and find a Rotting corpse of a female with blood covered around her mouth bloated lying on the floor next to the bassinet. I look inside the bassinet and find a partial Eaten Newborn Child. "Goddamn." I uttered under my breathe. I close my eyes as the thought of a Small Innocent Newborn baby being eaten alive and suffering. "Damn, why did they deserve that." I thought. I close the Nursery door and Continue to the living room and Kitchen. "Finally, something useful." I said as i took 3 full bottles of water and placed them in my backpack. I exit through the same Bedroom Window and onto the Fire Escape. I made my way all the way down to the very bottom of the Fire escape and onto the Streets. I noticed a Paper sticking out on the windshield of an Abandoned Car. It was a Sign. There is Another human out there, Somewhere, They are Hiding and Searching amd Scavaging and They Are Alone. Like me...

Story is told by The REAPER


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This Series is Gonna Be Sad and Hopefully Scary.