So If u didn't read the first story then read it if u don't and u skip to this one a spider will be in bed and crawl in ur mouth ok story I open the door and there was something in there that looked like a girl and she was scared,so I went up to her and she turned her neck 360 and she smiles and said I'm not crazy I'm not crazy and I said *b yes u are and I she said I'll find u one day by the way my name's Daisy I said IDC and left.After that I could still here her through the door and she said watch me I will find u in my head I was like this girl is retarted I made sure it was dark but it was light so I just ran for it and I yeeted out there. my dude but im sorry I didn't post I was to lazy to do this but nvm I will post tomorrow and yeah hehehe who wants part three ok yeeeeeeet out.the end

Story is told by nightmaresfollow us all