I found this website where it mixes up random peoples features can makes someone who isnt real. I though it was pretty cool, So I kept refreshing the page to see more fake people. I refreshed the page for hours. Finaly I come across a.. face that I reconized. I lean up for a closer look. It looked.. JUST like me. I was creeped out so I left the website and went down stairs to see my parents. They where watching a scary movie. I sat beside them and tried to talk to them. They ignored me. I got my phone and called my best friend, trying to find someone to make me fell better. My friend did not pick up. I see someone walk ito my house, My parents got up a talked to her, and hugged her, like she was their duaghter. But I was thair daughter? I tried yelling. No response. I got in front of them and waved. No reply. Maybe I wasnt real.. The ife I was living was a lie.. I was extremely confused, scared, and upset. I began crying. None paid any attention to me. I yelled "Stop! If this is a p-prank its gone too far!". Still nothing. I gave up and went outside and knocked on our nighbours house. The opened the door and peeked outside. I waved. They didnt see me. Maybe my life is a lie..

Story is told by LilMissTux

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cool story...watch ur punctuation