I got home from a long day of work. The day was pretty normal, People getting mad at me since the coupons where expired. But I got home. I sit down and scroll through the TV channels. I never go past channel 225, But I was curious. So I went to channel 226. A old TV show was playing, Infact, I never heard of that show, So I watched it. A commercial turned on. I sat through it, Still interested in the show. The commercial said "Would you like to buy a new car?". The people in the commercial stared into my eyes, Waiting for a reply. I realized they was staring at me. I jump out of my chair and run off, Waiting for the commercial to turn off. It didnt, The peoples eyes followed me. I start o panic, I run for the remote, I tried to change channels, But it stayed on the same channel. I ran upstairs and called my best friend. "H-hey dude, come to my house now, Im serious." I said still in a panic. "Ok-" She said. I hung up. I went up to my bed and sat, Shaking. I heard a knock, I ran down stairs, trying to avoid the TV, I open the door, thinking it was my friend. I see the people from the commercial, at my door. They said again " Would you like to buy a new car?" They stared at me. Their stares where cold. I run upstairs. They stood there. I called the police. "911 whats your emgency?" I tried to get words out.. "P-people from my TV- are- are- at my door..- Pl-please come". The policeman seemed shocked. "Are you sure your not drunk?". He said. "No! Im a year underage to drink!". I said "Well whats your address..?". I heard walking. I Spat out my address as quick as I could. "1437 Berry street. Someones i-in my house..". "Were comeing, Hide in a safe spot til we get there." He said. "Ok.." My brain was scattered. I just knew I had to get out. I jump out of my window, Outside it was pitch black, I hurt my ankles, But I still ran to my friends house. Thank god, My friend let me in. I looked at my friend... It wasnt her.. The people from the commercial, was right.. there.

Story is told by LilMissTux

Ms. MeMe

U should have said NO


well, this is somewhat new in marketing. ?

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no thanks I'm broke

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Would you like to buy a new car?