It was a dark when I finally got home. I unlock my door and search for the light switch. Oddly, I did not find it. I peek in my house, I spotted some eyes, glowing. I get my phone out and turn on the flash light. I jump, seeing this dog like humanoid. It was human flesh.. But it was streched out. It slightly looked like a dog. I did not ponder on what the heck is was, I ran. I heard it chasing behind me, Almost as fast as me. I fell something on my leg. I kept trying to run but it held me back. I truned around and there it was.. On my leg. I tried to scream but it was like my voice was gone. As soon as I thought it was gone, I turn around, And see the thing on my leg. Blood dripped from it. I quickly looked around, In a state of panic. I was somehow in the middle of the woods. None, or nothing there to help. It bit down harder and harder. I looked at it, Its eyes gave me the chills. It felt like it stared into my soul as it tried to kill me.

Story is told by LilMissTux


BUt i think I understand :P


I really dont speak gibberish-- :/

S L. K

★do U live by the wOOdz ?? ★hOw did U think it wuz gOne, if it wuz attached 2ur leg ?? ★ hOw did U keep run'n if he wuz attached... & biting ur leg ?? ★then wut ?? ★did it kill U ?? ★did U reach 4A rOck & bash itz skull ín ?? ?-it gav me mOre questionz, than answerz, but itz a gOOd stOry plot..... ? keep try'n, u'll get it... ur so close !!!