Normal church would say Yep, everyone in thir suits and dresses and everything else.. My bestie didnt come that day..i was worried.. Later in the day, we were still at church eating lunch when i saw a black figure of my bestie...i went up to it...she said.."Im not a she, nor a he. Watch your back as you cross. Devil controls you, touches your skin. Oops, he's watching you" Then she disappeared..i sure was creeped out. Later..i was in my bed...and i forgot the whole day, that i promised my bestie i would pick her up for church, thats why she wasnt there. But in the middle of the night..I heard "Take me to church, i need it now, devils watching over you, hoping you drown. I see you in your sleep, watch out. Im under your sheets." Then i started screaming "Ahhh-" An ax to my am i telling my story?..Well im not..You are

Story is told by BabyGirl1

Ms. MeMe